We actively promote joint research & development as well as contracted manufacturing with utilizing our own know-how and network we have gained so far.

Handling contracted manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and investigational new drugs

When we manufacture pharmaceutical products and investigational new drugs on contract, we carry out experimental production and examination by our experienced research staff, optimization of manufacturing criteria based on existing manufacturing facilities and scale, and efficient technology transfer. We also contract for analysis of investigational new drugs manufactured on contract, microbial tests as well as homeostasis tests.

Developing products from various fields focusing around ethical pharmaceutical with longtime technologies and know-how

Based on our technologies and know-how which we have gained in the longtime pharmaceutical products manufacturing and distribution since the establishment, we develop products in broad fields by implementing the latest medical theory and technology, as well as performing thorough research and trial production from planning to product industrialization.

Also, trying to take flexible approach with broad and deep research and development as our motto, we commit to develop drug formulation with high value-added and to improve the existing products from the viewpoints of medical institutions and patients.

Dealing with diversified needs and aging society

While pursuing the sophistication of pharmaceutical products development and other drug formulation technology, we are developing various drug formulation technology, such as tablets, capsules, granule, powder medicine, oral solution, syrup, oral rinse, liquid for external use, ointment, cream and gels.

Also, we focus on product development of hospital preparation with extensive medical needs, treatment of rare diseases as well as child's preparation. Moreover, we actively develop products which help home care in the aging society.

Offering wide variety of products jointly developed utilizing our network

We promote joint development through network with businesses and R&D institutions which are enthusiastic for state-of-the-art technology application and R&D, so that we can bring practical realization of pharmaceutical products to protect patients’ lives and living as soon as possible.

In the fields where our development skills, manufacturing technology and facilities can be utilized, we actively promote joint research and development and contracted manufacturing so that we can contribute for people’s health promotion.

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