Contracted manufacturing under close partnership,
strengthening own specialty and streamlining its business is the key
in the future drug pharmaceutical industry.

We, TOYO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aims to develop and manufacture
not only pharmaceutical products but also life-science-related products and
we undertake contracted manufacturing as well.

Pharmaceutical Products

We mainly self-develop and market Pharmacopoeia Admitted Drugs, but we also manufacture ethical pharmaceuticals on commission basis from other manufacturers.

Under high quality and low cost production system, our production capacity has 10 million tubes/year for ointment/cream, 1 billion tablets/year for tablets, 70 million packets/year for granule/powder medicine, 750,000L/year for liquid medicine.

Also, generic medicine is expected to grow with its expanding market under the Japanese government’s enhancement for generic usage. We’re working on generic developing and manufacturing with considering to develop jointly with distributors, in addition to commissioned manufacturing from generic manufacturers.

Investigational New Drugs

In new development of pharmaceutical products, investigational new drugs which are used as test and control drugs are essential.
In accordance of Investigational New Drugs GMP, we manufacture solid form of medication on a commission basis, under the quality control system which complies with both domestic and foreign standards.

Over-the-counter Drugs

Amid calls for self medication, non-prescription drug (OTC drug) market is considered to be more critical.
Utilizing our know-how on ethical pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, we will offer developing, industrializing and contracted manufacturing of non-prescription drugs together with the stable supply system in which each in-house function is mutually close.

Cosmetics and other life science products

We think private brand products supported by consumers need to be low price yet high quality.
We not only manufacture life science products (cosmetics, medical instruments & equipment) as private brand, but also help develop them.

Dosage forms available for contracted manufacturing

  1. Ointment, Cream, Gels
  2. Tablets (Plain tablets, film-coated tablets, orally disintegrating tablet〔ODT〕, Dual-layer tablets, Chewable tablets
  3. Granule, Powder medicine
  4. Liquid medicine

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