Manufacturing techniques corresponding to GMP realizes reliable production with

Our manufacturing facilities can handle various fluid manufacturing ranging from external-use liquid to oral-use liquid including syrup.
They are also capable to handle alcohol. We also adopted critical technology to assure fluid quality such as dissolving and mixing method for various pharmaceuticals, filtration technology as well as complete leak prevention technology, for high quality fluid production.

Dissolving and mixing suitable for various formulation can cover 50L to 4,000 liters, and filtration based on purpose follows.

Our filling machine can handle 5mL to 200L. By placing foil induction seal which is aluminum laminate heat seal adhesion to cover spout after filling liquid, cross contamination and falsification can be prevented, and liquid leak which affects liquid quality can be thoroughly stopped.

For some oral use liquid and syrup, preparation tank with load cells is used, and sterilization, filling and plugging is performed in integrated operation with head exchanger, in order to realize reliable manufacturing by introducing various manufacturing technologies.

  • Production lot size 50L/lot - 4,000L/lot
  • Filling volume 5mL - 200L
  • Formulation facilities 
  • Packaging facilities 
Water Installation
Water to be used for pharmaceutical products must be high purity and high quality. Especially, water to be used for oral-use liquid requires sufficient control against bacteria. In our pure water process, regular water is stored in an exclusive use tank with UV device (ultraviolet sterilizer) installed after filtering through reverse osmosis membrane, then it is filtered through ion-exchange resin.
The pure water is also stored in a tank with UV device installed, in the same way as water filtered through reverse osmosis membrane, and water gone through sterile filtration with membrane filter is supplied via pipe to each manufacturing facilities. The pipes and storage tanks are cleaned with hot water, also bacteria control and other through control on water purification, storage and supply is carried out.

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